Thursday, December 31, 2015


Dear Fellow Leaders, Officials, Civil Servants and Civilians,

I refer to my message of 2014 written one year ago today and I quote the opening phrase as such:

“2014 was a year that we can clearly and accurately measure, many disturbances in our atmospherics, both on mundane, and, the world of nature. It’s very clear, that our global threats are ever growing, and our ways of life are threatened, by its very own existence. ”

Now looking back we can say, Yes, indeed global threats has raised substantially and, Yes, indeed our ways of Life has been threatened by its very own existence. We could certainly say that perceptions on global scale have changed. In my message form 2014 I said “We could ask: “Is this due to how we do things, and perceive the present world we live in? “Let’s agree, that 2014 was no exception, and we should ask, what has changed since 9/11, that could have been avoided?”

Thus in short, could the Paris terror attacks of 13th November 2015 have been avoided? I could go on and ask. Could the Migration crises of 2015 have been avoided? Dear Colleagues, the answer is loud and clear and simply YES. It could have been avoided.

The question now remains, what is tomorrow going to deliver for 2016 that could have been avoided. Avoided to leave scars that don’t heal one both, the emotional and human development that hinders our global stability and economical growth and poses a direct threat to our ways of life as a human race?
I can therefore only repeat the previous year’s message and urge every official leader, and civil servant, and yes, also the civilian, to look deep into themselves and ask:

“What could I have done to change the world for the better within the rules of engagement?”

If there is the slightest doubt that something could have been done, in personal or official capacity, and not acted upon, then we have indeed failed, in 2015.

The ECIPS issued the EXODUS alert several month prior to when it happened. Sadly many of our nations bluntly ignored the ECIPS Exodus Alert. It is expected that as much as 2 Million migrants could seek new refuge during 2016. I can’t proclaim that this is or is not a receipt for disaster, but it’s a fact that such uncontrolled migrations could generate unforeseen implications that could come at a severe human price, both on economical and mass emotional scale. What is the correct Answer and what Should we Do, we could ask ? And I can only say, “what is the most logical thing to do that minimizes the risks would be the correct answer”.

We have to develop stronger relations between nations, build bridges of encouragement, and use the developing tools at our disposal to develop our global network of sustainable solutions to this rapid emerging crisis, since if we don’t, the year 2016 could be the year when it will all ends.

What we have to understand as a human race is that since the birth of the Internet, our economical module has changed to the extent that no nation could capitalize on its own anymore. Everything is integrated in such a way that makes any opposition to this a direct threat to the future of the human race. Starvation has increased from an estimated 1.2 Billion people to 1.4 Billion who are starving around the globe.

We should take new perspective, of the changes to come, and re-evaluate how we perceive, that to be in the name of political correctness. Is our perceptions correct, or is it damaging to our future, as the last of the “Human Race?”.

This year we have learned that drinkable water has dropped from 0.37% to 0.32% and unusual changes never seen before. We have learned in the last few days that the North Pole has a temperature increased by 27 degree’s from the usual – 30 to the present – 03 degree during winter. Something that could radically change our ways of life in the next few years on an unprecedented scale.

If this continues at the present pace, we would not reach the age to see the end of this decade ahead of us.

I urge all fellow leaders, officials to think hard and clear: Is this the legacy you wish to leave behind? It’s inconceivable that nobody will be held accountable since it’s our duty to keep a balance between responsibility and accountability in the world of today.

In the spirit of humanity and that of the New Year, may 2016 be blessed with awareness, humanitarian initiation and peace for all.

A happy new year and may you have a wonderful 2016, blessed with health, clarity and prosperity!

Thank you.

Ricardo Baretzky, President of ECIPS

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