General Secretariat

The General Secretariat consists of the Secretary General and a technical and administrative staff entrusted with the work of the Organization. These may consist of voluntary members that are from all sectors in public. Delegates of the General Secretariat must be selected and be approved in accordance with the statutes of the ECIPS.

The technical staff of the General Secretariat is responsible for the day to day management of the organization. The technical and administrative staff of the General Secretariat is appointed by the Office of the President by recommendation of the Executive Committee (EC) of the Organization. Anybody from the public may participate.

The President, The Vice-President(s), The Secretary General and the technical and administrative staff is all considered part of the General Secretariat in the organizations day to day activities.

The organization allows voluntary staff and voluntary intern ships at the organization as part of its international coordination in growth of research and publications network.

Any body can apply for a Voluntary participation and internship at any time with the General Secretariat: of the organization. Scholars of law, security and associated interest are invited to join the ECIPS voluntary participation staff in its activities that ranges from fund raising to public research.

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