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Article 4 of the ECIPS Statutes recognized by decree provided for three types of memberships:

1 International Information Policy and Security Council (hereafter also abbreviated as “IIPSC”) membership: These memberships shall consist of Diplomatic Representations-Open to missions, embassies and permanent representations, Inter-Governmental and Governmental Organizations, Regional Bodies and Local Authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations.The International Information Policy and Security Council membership shall be subject to approval by a two-thirds majority of the ECIPS IIPSC International Information Policy and Security Council. All IIPSC memberships financial contribution shall be deemed controlled by the Commission for the Control of Records.

2. Who can Join?

• Individuals engaged in public and private law-enforcement agencies or work.
• Companies and corporations of law-enforcement, cyber-crime prevention organizations.
• Security agencies, Information agencies, border agencies.
• Corporate companies, conglomerates and private firms.
• Professional and Business Associations; Such as People with Professional skills and businesses of any type with likeminded interest to the Organization
• Platforms of Non-Governmental Organizations
• Foundations
• Institutions
• Professional experts, lecturers and other that have a higher education or similar in expertise

Rights of such memberships shall be limited to:

Any such member could be voted to seat on any of the internal or external bodies of the Organization or participate in any activity approved by the President and or the General Secretariat.


All members shall uphold the name of the Organization at all times and promote the Organization in all public appearances or activities. All memberships has an administration fee of €45 per year for issued their Membership ID cards and a €195 per year for a company membership.Please note that all memberships shall be approved by application and proof of identity by means of ECIPS Vetting verification process. The organization reserve all rights to decline membership. Any incorrect information provided automatically disqualify any memberships.

All members are expected to be active in form of voluntary participation and or in a specific area of search.

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