National Central Bureaus

Article 31 of the ECIPS Decree / Statute imposed the objectives to further and purpose, the Organization needs the constant and active co-operation of its Members who should do all within their power which is compatible with the rules and regulations, legislation’s of their countries to participate diligently in its activities.

Article 32 provides the surety that the above international cooperation and assistance is met, each Member who is presenting an organization and / or a country or its authority, shall appoint a local body which will serve as the National Central Bureau for the Organization.

  • The National Central Bureaus of the ECIPS ensure liaison with:
  • The various organizations and departments in the country;
  • Those bodies in other countries serving as National Central Bureaus;
  • The Organizations General Secretariat.
  • Institutions and research centers
  • Policy and Security organizations

Article 33 States that ” In the case of those countries where the provisions of Article 32 are inapplicable or do not permit of effective centralized co-operation, the General Secretariat shall decide, with these membership countries, the most suitable alternative means of co-operation.”

The National Central Bureaus functions are to provide sustainable interest in the research centers of the Organization.