Our Mission

Founded in originally United Kingdom in 2013, The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) relocated its main Seat to Belgium in 2015. The ECIPS Decree / Statute was signed and enorgarated on the 3 April 2015 in Bruxelles te Belgium on Passover to mark the Peace of A world-view fulfilled with the wish for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

As a non-partisan organization among the most experienced and authoritative security and policy operating in the European Union and cross-border today. ECIPS serves as a leading forum for debate on International Policy and Security affairs. ECIPS’ most distinguishing feature is its strong in-house research capacity by its global experts, complemented by an extensive network of international partner institutes throughout the world.

ECIPS’ has received no funding since establishment and everybody has been working voluntary since 2013 in the organization.

Our Goals:

To carry out state-of-the-art security and policy research leading in finding solutions to the challenges facing the EU and other countries,
To achieve high standards of academic research and political independence,
To provide a medium for discussions among all stakeholders in the Security & Policy process,
To build collaborative networks of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) researchers, policy-makers, and business representatives across Europe and other nations,
To disseminate our open source findings and views through a regular flow of publications and public events

Our Assets:

Complete independence from any outside influence in order to set its own research priorities and liberty.
Quality OSINT and atmospherics research by an international staff of more than 28 people drawn from eighteen different countries covering the five continents.To extend its outreach by the formation of several research networks, consisting of research institutes throughout the world to complement and consolidate ECIPS research expertise. An extensive membership base of Corporate Members and Institutional Members, which provide know-how, sensible knowledge, and act as the sounding board for ECIPS policy and security proposals.

ECIPS’s Programme Structure:

ECIPS carries out its research via its own in-house research programs and through collaborative research networks involving the active participation of its qualified specialists and highly reputable institutions.

ECIPS Research Programmes

  • Security and Stability
  • Justice and Home Affairs
  • Politics and Institutions
  • Atmospherics and Global Security Risks
  • Economic and Social Welfare Policies
  • Foreign Policy
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Regulatory Affairs