Research Programs

ECIPS Security & Threat Research

The need for new policy formations to combat new emerging security threats for both governments and corporations within the contemporary world of today has reached new critical levels with the exchange of debate and dialogue of today.

At present the ECIPS focuses on certain main research crisis areas that levels in three basic directions namely, humanitarian, Illegal Immigration and Radicalization Trends that poses a major concern for all institutions across the globe today.

The present global climate of threats often slips the attention of authorities responsible. It is our task to provide the missing links and enforce accountability in all conflicting situations in the form of proper understanding and bringing solutions to the growing problems of today.

Making sure that your interests as both global and humanitarian are protected by constitutional rights, we focus on principled examinations and effective actions by the leaders of today.

ECIPS focus on several Issues / Campaigns

There are several main areas that are prominent at present in producing precise deliverables within certain time frames that can be accountable to our funding agencies and members. We provide an interface with each focus area between research and policy-making so that our research conclusions can be translated into actionable policies.

  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism
  • Radicalization and Trends
  • Illegal immigration into Europe
  • Victims of Terrorism
  • Climate Change
  • Rule of Law
  • Global Hunger
  • Monitory Threats
  • Building Blocks to a Sustainable Europe
  • Critical Infrastructure and Risks Management
  • Serious violations of Human Rights and International Humanitarian laws that threatens
  • Global Stability