Security and Justice

We strive to provide valuable insight on important issues by researching and analyzing open source OSINT data in context and producing timely and relevant OSINT publications that effects our freedom, human rights and public advocacy. We bring together logical debate, informative research and awareness of issues that effects our security and justice in fundamental rights.

The area of liberty, security and justice was shaped to ensure human rights of civilians and to encourage the rights to freedom, democracy and above all civil protection. The ECIPS covers security policy areas that range from the institutional participation across the Europe’s internal and external borders to research, monitor and mitigate risks that could lead to a global humanitarian crisis in contemporary world of today.

At ECIPS we scrutinize and researches the rule of law, cyber security policies, cyber policing cross-border cooperation, and the fight against cyber crime, cyber-terrorism, online organized crime, human trafficking and crimes against human rights.

ECIPS is a non partition INGO focusing on your security, freedom and liberal rights.