Antonio Dott. Albanese

Co-Founding Member & Executive Committee Member ECIPS & CYBERPOL (Dott. Albanese NATO- Reserve Force)
Born in Rome (November 2nd 1967), MD in Political Sciences at Università La Sapienza di Roma, professional journalist. Albanese is the Editor in Chief of AGC COMMUNICATION, italian online news agency and Editor of Radio Antenna 1. Previously He was Assistant Editor of the national monthly magazine Area. Guardia di Finanza1 Reserve Officer, Albanese has played important roles, both national and international, in CIOR2, in MEDFOR, AIRPa3 and in the Gaminger Initiative. As Reserve Officer, Albanese has attended successfully some NATO courses, among them the 1997 ACE Public Information Officer’s Course, held at SHAPE4 and the 2012 NATO Psyops Group Cimic & Psyops CIOR Course held at the NATO Psyops Group in Bydgoszcz (Pl). From January 2011, Albanese is the National President of the new Reserve Officers Structure of Guardia di Finanza: URFI5. From October 2011, Albanese has been enlisted in the new Italian Professional Register of Intelligence Analysts (ANAI)6. Political-military analyst for different Italian think tanks, he writes about geopolitical matters for some Italian newspapers and specialised geopolitical magazines. From January 2013 Albanese is the Director of the OSINT Unit of AGC COMMUNICATION. In 2008, Bietti Media published ’imbarazzo afgano (The Afghan Trouble), an analysis of the Italian presence in Afghanistan. Albanese’s book is commented by General Fabio Mini, former Italian Military Attachè in China, KFOR Commander and famous international asymmetric warfare author.