ALERT NO IP/2016/04/22/001

ECIPS issued an official Cyber Attack Alert to the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda Electronic routes that has reached a point posing a serious threat to European Governments and Corporations. The President Baretzky of the ECIPS said that the threat is a very real
threat and all cyber industries are at risk with the growing number of terror attacks seen over the last year in Europe.

Some expert reports indicates that Al Qaeda’s Electronics typical defacement attack involves replacing the content of the targeted website with a single identical page proclaiming that the site has been hacked. The text, normally in English and Arabic strongly suggest, and expresses pro-Palestinian and anti-Western sentiments, and is often referenced to a quote by Osama bin Laden.

The ECIPS warned that the number of international cyber attacks could rapidly increase during 2016 and we urgently need to step up the CERT response team across the ruling worlds of Europe to avoid a catastrophic day “0” that could come at a huge price and
human cost.

It is believed that the ISIL Cyber Alert will stand for the duration of 2016 and beyond in accordance with cyber experts. The ECIPS warned and said that these threats might be totally invisible to the departments of security and that a strong cyber security financial
budget is necessary to combat this emerging threat of what it called a potential “Cyber Jihad”.

The ECIPS was the initiating body behind CYBERPOL, the International Cyber Policing Organization not-for-profit and has established an international cyber framework monitoring this emerging cyber threat. Corporations and government cyber departments are advised to takes strong precaution against possible cyber intrusions and said that the risk of this could be part of what it called a “Trojan horse”.

The ECIPS said that recent reports of African police services indicates that cyber tools are used in mobile phones that could assist cyber hackers in this threat deriving from non traceable tools developed in Pakistan.

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