European Centre for Information Policy and Security abbreviated ECIPS is a European International Organization established by Royal Decree no WL22/16.594 issued by King Philippe in Belgium with it’s supporting founding members and 28 member-states in Annex 1 by Decree of Silence. 

In terms of international representation ECIPS is recognized under Art.2 of the European Convention 24 April 1986 in the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Organizations “Utility Public” in Public Interest by Treaty 124 in respect to International Organizations that need no further state of recognition by members or member-states after legal personality was granted on 14 June 2015 as stipulated by the Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Organizations 1986.

All technical staff are protected under the Vienna Convention 1986 by rule of international law and are issued Diplomatic Credentials by law. Under the law the staff and members of the General Secretariat led by the Secretary General do not, by reason of their office, incur any personal liability and are solely liable for the performance of their office and therefore cannot be held liable for performing any duties assigned by rule of law.

Article 2(bis) §1 to §19 of the ECIPS Decree Title of the Code Approved by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.594 constitutes the activities of ECIPS organization by Federal Approval dated 14 June 2015.

ECIPS is the mandated under Article 2(bis) §1 to §19 as the “Global WatchDog” on monitoring and Investigating International Security Threats, such as Humanitarian Instability that gives rise to organic security instability, International Terror Threats, International cyber threats, global non-proliferation threats and any other security threats that affect the way of life of all European People by providing pragmatic solutions that aid to manage and mitigate these growing security risks in the lack of policy in public domain.


The International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) also known as CONCILIUM NOVI MUNDI in translation “Council of The New World” established by Royal Decree no WL22/16.594 is the body of Supreme Authority in ECIPS Organization and presented by its member states and its stakeholders whereas the President has the ultimate power of authority in public interest under Art.18.

ECIPS web pages also elude on the fact that ECIPS is an International Organization established by Royal Decree, unremittingly seeking those links in the chain of Policy, Security and Justice, which need re-enforcement by creating both, a platform and policies, for innovative practices in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) and that we take sensitive and (politically) sensitive missions on board, that contribute to our way of life whilst maintaining and safeguarding an enjoyable level of freedom in a just society.

“Freedom, Security & Justice for All”

Who Can Join ECIPS Membership ?

If you are a certified qualified professional in the security, intelligence, legal adviser, student of law, lawyer, law-enforcement officer or Jurist in any legal jurist capacity you can register and apply for membership at ECIPS. 

The ECIPS website is also meant to give you information on the status of our global security affairs, International enforcement on criminal justice and its investigators that realizes the need for practical improvements of skills, attitudes and the chain of international co-operation in order to contribute considerably and sustainability in the arena of policy by means of ECIPS’s input of expertise, know-how, that explains the 5WH in What, Why, Who, Where and When. For Volunteer membership application, please visit the membership page.

ECIPS adopted the UNITED NATIONS Charter, making the promotion and protection of human rights a key purpose and guiding principle of the Organization. ECIPS can call any government , personnel or public member under art.2 of its purpose to a closed or public multi-disciplinary hearing which cannot be objected by international law.