Advisory Council

The Organization from time to time consult “Advisers” on scientific matters, research and analyses of research. The role of the Advisers are purely advisory on adhoc. Advisors are obliged by decree article 34 of the statute to promote and present, uphold the organizations high value statute and image at all times. Advisers shall be appointed for three years by the Executive Committee and or the President according to rule of article 34 of statute by decree. Their appointment will become definite only after notification by the International Information Policy and Security Council and official approval of the President of the Organization.

All advisors shall be chosen from among those who have a world-wide reputation and qualifications in some fields of interest to the Organization. An Adviser may be removed from office by decision of the International Information Policy and Security Council of ECIPS. Advisors appointed by the President can only be removed by the Office of the President and do not account to the International Information Policy and Security Council unless told to do so by International Court Ruling limited to the subject at hand.Advisers who are on the advisory council / board may be appointed full time, part time and on voluntary bases with and without remuneration depending on the appointment question.

The advisory ECIPS Council consists of legal and law-enforcement experts from around the world. The purpose of the Council is to advise the legal office of the ECIPS on all policy and security matters related to its research and publications on accountability of entities. The Council’s powers include that of an international Judge who may, when appointed by the ECIPS President, conduct any prosecution or investigation within the relevant diagram of the constitution in the legal institution in governance of such.The Council is the highest authority in the ECIPS and may present any case for research to any and all legal entities where applicable. All research is evaluated by the Council and upon approval will be reacted to.

The Council acts as an independent non-partitioned Counsel selected and appointed by the President of the ECIPS only.The Council act as the governing body for the evaluation and verification of information. The body may approve any request of any particular government to assist as independent mediator and could conduct an inquiry upon request.It’s important to know, that the powers of litigation and prosecutions are not limited to EU and stretch cross-border with the appointment of a Judge of any high court when needed. All final decisions still rest with the President of the ECIPS and can be objected to at all times. Any decisions made by a court of law is final and cannot be reversed by the Council. The Council may appoint a Committee when necessary to oversee the process in question or research. Such Committee might be voluntary or independent at the request of such council the President of the ECIPS. The committee deals with all maters in research and verification when needed by the ECIPS Council. Please note that the council may not represent any government and has to stay objective at all times.

If you feel that you wish to join the Advisory Council please send your cv with a motivation letter to ECIPS.