International Security Threats


The ECIPS monitors and examine possible international threats by using BesPoke and OSINT data and products that give rise to early warning signs of threats that effects our ways of life, humanitarian safety and global security. The growing need for predictable products has never been more urgent than present. With the RTI (Real Time Intelligence) products ECIPS establishes trends and risks that can’t be detected by normal methods and intellect.

Our domain in research includes:

• Electricity generation, transmission, and distribution
• Gas production, transport, and distribution
• Oil and oil products production, transport, and distribution
• Telecommunication
• Water supply (drinking water, waste water/sewage, and stemming of surface water such as dikes and sluices)
• Public health
• Transportation systems (fuel supply, railway network, airports, harbors)
• Financial services
• Public services

Expert OSINT insight

Constantly immersed in the security and public environment; our experts bring their skills and knowledge to provide and in-depth local insight, understanding the language and context; keeping you informed in real time information RTI.