Due to the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) Statute and its unique international nature, ECIPS observes the issues confronting Global Security in the 21st century, such as, global threats, security and instability, terrorism and radicalism, cyber threats, human rights, sustainable development, humanitarian emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, climate change and more.

ECIPS also provides a forum for its member to express their views in the International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC), the Executive Committee, the Advisory Council, National Central Bureaus and other bodies and committees

The ECIPS Chief Administrative Officer is the President supported by the General Secretariat.This year 2015 marks the first International Statute inauguration in Bruxelles, Belgium that was signed on the 3rd of April 2015 and approved by Royal Decree on the 14th of June 2015. This is the third anniversary of the ECIPS establishment founded in 2012 originally founded in the United Kingdom.


ECIPS creates sustainable values for our members that ensure unique and effective professional solutions and continual research and updating you about the global crisis management, leveraging the European culture and basic values in this age of the accelerating global competition and discontinuity regarding risk management and its consultancy,

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) is orderly identifying policy and security information resources that addresses issues such as, accountability, cross-border data transfers, conflicting national legal requirements and governmental use of private sector data, mediation and negotiations, and cross-border investigations where necessary. Through dedication, we actively respond to the growing demand for technical assistance within the domain of freedom, security, and justice.

ECIPS owns its strength to the elements of diplomatic, informational, and economic strength which have created a greatly effective working environment for the organization. The policy and security research performed at ECIPS ensures focused that principled examination and actions are taken by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and general public.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security creates and maintains practical and trustworthy partnerships, with its customers, its global network partners, and with its international qualified experts. This facilitates not only the realization of mutual objectives, but moreover, contributes to a sustainable creation of “Rural Intelligence”, the missing intelligence link to security and justice.

This is essential to our research and publications to ensure that optimized capability is reached and effective implementation of all projects has been accomplished. In order to fulfill our mission, the ECIPS also approaches qualified individual experts, to maintain reliable and trustworthy associates.

Our strategic global partnership allows our services to be rendered to governments, corporations, private organizations, law-enforcement and security organizations around the globe.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) is a non-partisan organization and does not act on behalf of any governmental office or European institution unless it is mandated by such government to do so.


The growing need for new policy formations to combat new emerging security threats for both, governments & corporations within the our confined humanitarian structure has reached critical levels on global scale that threatens our wellbeeing, our ways of life and our liberty and freedom in a democratic scociety

Threats such a global warming, terrorism and the growing instability and world security leads to many global challenges that could effect a humanitarian crisis at unprecedented scale in future, thus ECIPS works together to mitigate the possibility crisis,of such a crisis, a crisis of humanitarian concern that underline our cultural frontiers risks to the world security at hand.

” A world-view fulfilled with the wish for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity “