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ECIPS Security & Threat Research

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• Individual Entry Level Membership: Such as individuals engaged in public and private law-enforcement agencies or work.
• Associate Membership: Such as members of law-enforcement, cyber-crime prevention organizations.
• Agency Membership: Such as security agencies, State security agencies, intelligence agencies, border agencies and other.
• Corporate Membership: Such as corporate companies, conglomerates and private firms.
• Professional and Business Associations; Such as People with Professional skills and businesses with likeminded interest to the Organization
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Article 2 of the ECIPS Decree / Statute provides that:

To ensure and promote the widest possible mutual international assistance between all European organizations in the chain of Policy, Information, Security and Justice, which needs re-enforcement by creating both, a platform and policies, for innovative practices in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA).

The activities of the Organization:

Research and analyze several areas that relates to emerging global threats & risks, in both the security and policy domain to deliver timely bespoke publications and services, for both national and international development across the European Union.

Research and development of solution in the fields of policy and security, cyber crime, immigration policies, radicalization trends and threats in the use and of data management and data bases to manage, detect potential threats and its potential impacts.

To focus on the critical global security threats, critical infrastructure threats, cyber threats and research and develop pragmatic solutions which aids to the risks of security, justice and its policy in public domain.

To research the re-enforcement by creating both, a platform and policies solutions, for innovative practices in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA)

To research, produce and publish solutions and enhancements that realize the need for practical improvements of skills, training, education attitudes and the Chain of Justice Co-operation in order contribute considerably and sustainability to the arena of Policy, Security and Justice within the European Union.

To promote, enhance and assist the development of Security in all aspects that affects our ways of live.

To contribute to a better knowledge of the process of co-operation and integration in Europe and to support and promote basic European values and democracy building.

To develop a general debate, develop clear political policies / strategies and take own initiatives promoting the ideas of the Organization that is in the interest of public and civil protection across the European Union.

To monitor open source research publications and document trends and identification of early signs of changes in the global climate of atmospherics to act as a global Watchdog.

To develop contacts with like-minded origination’s in and outside the European Union that has an interest in global cooperation in the assistance of ;
Academical research in the field of global security for innovative practices in the domain of Freedom, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA)

To encourage and organize unanimous action by its members at European level to promote security and sustainability participation within and towards political parties, platforms and coordination structures; that benefits the public in creating pragmatic solutions and sustainable solutions to the developing global threats that is both man-made and natural such as global warming.

To hold conferences, lectures, seminars and fund raising events to promote and sustainability of promotion in the domain of safety, security and justice,

Research and encourage public safety awareness programs, and coordinated security integrated programs internationally. In order to realize this purpose and in order to establish, develop, implement and promote its policies, the Organization organizes several discussion and decision forums, major events and fact finding missions according to strict autonomous principles and issues publications of all sorts.

Creating special, multidisciplinary research centers to research and address such high-priority issues such as nonproliferation, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, international organized crime and narcotics trafficking, environment, and arms control intelligence.

Forging stronger partnerships between the several information collection disciplines and all-source analysis.

Taking an active part in research within information society analytical efforts and producing bespoke all-source analysis on the full range of topics that affect public policy and security globally.

Contributing to the effectiveness of the overall intellectual community by managing services of common concern in metaphor examination and open-source compilation and participating in partnerships with other information research organizations in the areas of research and development and technical collection.

Article 3

It shall be strictly forbidden for the Organization to undertake any intervention or activities of a religious or racial character.